Master Concrete are suppliers of ready mix concrete in Glasgow to the trade and DIY. We only operate Volumetric Concrete Mixers (VCM) allow us to deliver to our customers the most cost and waste efficient ready mix concrete in Scotland.

Due to the size of our fleet and our flexibility we at Master Concrete will always have a VCM available to supply your ready mix concrete any time, day or night.


VCM's excel at the small to medium level work. Before VCM's everyone had to use drum mixers and small customers were hampered by the part load fees and wastage. Therefore our VCM's were revolutionary to the industry and have given an outlet to those completing smaller building projects.

Our cost efficient VCM's are therefore ideal for the smaller building jobs and DIY projects where cost and waste management are essential.


Traditional inflexible concrete mixers with one drum require you to advance order the exact amount of premixed concrete. This is not easy to do and often results in waste and extra expense.

The unique advantage of Master Concretes VCM's is that nothing is mixed until our truck arrives on-site. Our trucks carry all the fresh materials to make concrete, and with the calibrated counter you'll know at any point of the delivery how much concrete you have used. In other words our VCM's allow us to charge you only for what you use. Not only does our service stop wastage but if you under order we always have enough extra to fulfil your requirements.


Concrete suppliers in Glasgow Master Concrete offer a wheel barrowing service with our concrete deliveries. The driver and his assistant will wheelbarrow the concrete from the rear of the truck. We understand not every job is the same so chat with us about your delivery and we can advise if this is the best option for your job. We supply our own large wheel barrows in order to ensure there is minimal mess left behind on our part once the delivery is complete.

So if you are looking for Glasgow concrete suppliers or concrete in scotland look no further than Master Concrete the premier ready mix concrete Glasgow company who cater to any job big or small.

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