Concrete Mixer Info and Hire

At Master Concrete, we not only use the computerised volumetric mixer system to pour concrete for our own customers, we also rent these state of the art concrete trucks.

We believe in their excellent quality and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to their use. You are also welcome to set up a time to visit our facility and see one of our Volumetric Mixers in use in our yard.

Our trucks can be hired out at very competitive rates. Long term hires can be as little as �100 per day. Contact us for a quote. If required we can supply a mobile cement silo and loading shovel. You may also wish to hire one of our trucks with the driver and labourer included. Again each job is unique and we will create a bespoke competitive quite to exactly match your requirements.


- Volumetric Mixers are simple to operate and easy to train operators.

- Full view of the control station and the flow of contents during the mixing process.

- Easily adjust water and admix flow as needed.

- As long as the aggregate, sand, and cement bins are continuously supplied, the Volumetric Mixer can produce concrete at a rate of 60 cubic meters per hour.


Volumetric concrete mixers have many advantages over traditional drum concrete mixers. Using a drum concrete mixer there is only a small time frame between loading the drum to mix the concrete and delivering it to where it is needed. This greatly reduces the time you will have to work with the concrete onsite, as it will begin to set in transit. Other factors can also interfere with delivery such as traffic and access.

When using traditional drum mixers there is also no margin of error when it comes to estimating the amount of concrete needed. If you under-order it will be necessary to go back to the batching plant to acquire the shortfall. This can cause delays to your project and incur extra charges.

The other scenario is over-ordering. In this instance concrete will be wasted and will also need to be disposed. This can prove a costly inconvenience as returned loads are often fully charged.

There is also a lack of flexibility with drum mixed concrete mixers. They can only produce one concrete mix or consistency at a time. Therefore you will be limited to a single strength and type of concrete with each mix.

Our Volumetric concrete mixers effectively eradicate the above drawbacks. Computerised calculations are used to work out the exact amount of concrete needed. This method allows concrete to be mixed on site so we can calibrate the precise ratios of the concrete mix. This ensures that the right amount of concrete is produced.

There is therefore no wastage and as the concrete is fresh you will benefit from a longer working time, before it starts to set. The volumetric concrete mixer also has the benefit of a precise dispensing system. This makes for complete accuracy and in the instance of over-ordering the mixer can be stopped. This entirely cuts out wastage and therefore saves you money.

With a volumetric concrete mixer it is possible to change the mix onsite so if several types are concrete are required then this can all be done quickly and easily without the need for separate journeys to the batching plant.

Volumetric Concrete Mixers employ an intricate batch metering technique which ensures the exact amounts of raw materials are measured before they enter the mixing chamber. As the Volumetric Concrete Mixer holds a large supply of raw materials it can travel from site to site without the need to return to base for reloading. This allows us to schedule your concrete delivery accurately so that it arrives when you need it. This also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly with no wastage and fuel savings. All of these advantages add up, keeping costs low and making the concrete more affordable.

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