Volumetrically delivered concrete is perfect for the following DIY concrete applications.


A concrete driveway will be maintenance free for decades. Concrete drives are more modern in appearance and are cheaper than traditional tarmac driveways. If you like the look of expensive mono block, this can be achieved by applying a patterned finish to your concrete driveway. The mono block look can easily be simulated by using surface moulds. The result is maintenance free, with no un slightly weeds or moss growing in the gaps between the mono blocks. A well laid and presented concrete drive will add additional value to any property.

Concrete decking and patios

A concrete decking or patio is the ultimate modern focal point for entertaining and making the most of your garden. Concrete decking is the most practical solution in our wet and damp British climate. It will give you years of pleasure, whilst being inexpensive to maintain. Even expensive hard wood decks in the UK require expensive annual maintenance. They need protected from the effects of the sun by regularly applying waxes or varnishes. If this is not done regularly, they start to look shabby, and their life span is severely limited.

The story with cheaper soft wood patios is even worse. You will be lucky, in the UK, to get one to last 7 years, with the "new look" being replaced within a year with a shabby finish. Alternatively a polished concrete deck will look modern stylish and amazing -with an inexpensive odd steam clean bringing it back to new.

Concrete Shed base

If you are investing in a decent shed, you want to give it the best base possible. A Concrete base with ensure longevity for the life of your shed. A good shed will last a life time and deserves a concrete base.

Concrete base for your garage.

Nothing compares to a smooth concrete slab as your garage base. It is easy to maintain and clean. It is also a very economical solution. For quotes on types of concrete and amounts required for your garage base just contact us today by phone or email.

Concrete lining for larger ponds.

If you have a large pond project and want the best liner, don't look past concrete. Highly impermeable it will last a lifetime. The cheaper plastic options can limit you to a fixed mould. The plastic linings invariably have seams and do not provide as sturdy and robust a finish.

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